Born to a Swiss mother and a Bolivian father in 1989 in Luzern

Bachelor of Arts in Film at Zurich University of the Arts in 2015

Master of Arts in Screenwriting at Zurich University of the Arts in 2020

Works as a screenwriter and director

Teaches screenwriting classes at Migros Klubschule



My production company based in Luzern, Switzerland:  www.tapirfilmatelier.com

mail: pablo@tapirfilmatelier.com

A joint venture for interactive corporate film making: https://www.znuni.studio/

A project to teach film making to young people: www.filmcampluzern.ch



Check out my band: IMPERIO



Porträt: Luzerner Zeitung “Der Experte fürs Dialogische”, 14/02/2016

Interview: Radio 3Fach: “Sein Baby ist da”, 10/02/2016

Porträt: 041-Kulturmagazin Portät: “Das Leben P”, 28/04/2015


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