Born in 1989 in Luzern, Switzerland  –  to a Swiss mother and a Bolivian father

Screenwriting class at Septima Ars film school in Madrid 2011 – 2012

Bachelor of Arts in Film at  Zurich University of the Arts  2012-2015

Master of Arts in Screenwriting at Zurich University of the Arts 2018-2020




Porträt: 041-Kulturmagazin Portät: “Das Leben P”, 28/04/2015

Porträt: Luzerner Zeitung “Der Experte fürs Dialogische”, 14/02/2016

Interview: Radio 3Fach: “Sein Baby ist da”, 10/02/2016

NZZ am Sonntag: Zitat aus meiner Bachelor-Arbeit, 16/07/2017



For corporate film requests and questions about my script writing classes contact me through our production company Tapir Filmatelier of which I am one of the founding members.

www.tapirfilmatelier.com | mail@tapirfilmatelier.com


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