Bachelor of arts in film at Zurich university of the arts in 2015

Master of arts in screen writing at Zurich university of the arts in 2020

works as a screenwriter, teacher, director and producer in Switzerland


my production company based in Luzern, Switzerland:  www.tapirfilm.compablo@tapirfilmatelier.com

a joint venture for interactive corporate film making: https://www.znuni.studio/

a summer project to teach film making to young people: www.filmcampluzern.ch


as most film makers, I play in a band:  IMPERIO


portrait: Luzerner Zeitung “Der Experte fürs Dialogische”, 14/02/2016

interview: Radio 3Fach: “Sein Baby ist da”, 10/02/2016

portrait: 041-Kulturmagazin Portät: “Das Leben P”, 28/04/2015

Recommended Interviews

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