Before I started to make films I always wanted to be a musician. I started to play guitar at 13 and even though I played with bands of different genres I had to realize that I don’t have the talent for good songwriting. And I didn’t just want to play songs – I wanted to create my own music but it turned out to be difficult for me altough I was practicing a lot. With film I experienced the  exact opposite – the writing comes natural,  I can trust my intuition, I feel like I know when something is right and I feel able to create something at anytime without forcing too hard.

I’ve been playing the guitar now for 12 years and I developed a technique on the acoustic guitar for simple instrumental songwriting which I used on two of my films ( Aber äbe and Albert Ruppert ) but in my eyes still isn’t good enough that I would call myself a musician.

Nevertheless my passion for music is still very present and for a long time I’ve been living with the strong desire to be a music producer. To help other musicians to find their voice and make their songs better and more personal. I don’t have any technical skills for recording or mixing but what I do believe to have developed over the years is the ear for good songwriting and the ability to know what’s good about a piece of music and what isn’t, no matter what style or genre.

I haven’t had the chance to get any experience in that field so far. All I have is the wish. So, if you’re a musician looking for a companion during recordings or songwriting, I would be glad and thankful to do it.